Red lipstick.


I bought an Olivetti Studio 45 some months ago. The seller’s photo made it appear white. It turned out to be a dull gray, but I bought it anyway–for twenty or so dollars, if memory serves. It was my first paint job, and it turned out rather well. I went for Ferrari red. It’s Italian, after all. No one can resist a Ferrari. In any case, I never loved the mechanics, albeit it typed fine. Later I bought an Olivetti Valentine for my girlfriend, but it was missing a shift key. The Valentine sold for $60, but these often go for more than $400. It is famously red. The 45 was happy to donate its key.

Later, in the interest of consolidating my collection, I brought the 45 to Goodwill. At this very moment, the bid is up to $62 with two hours left. What people will do for the color red. The listing says it’s metal, which isn’t true. It’s plastic.

No worries. Just look at the red.

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  1. Bill M says:

    Great looking paint job. There is something special about red typewriters. Red is not my color of choice, yet I’ll pick up a red typewriter in a heartbeat if it is in good shape.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Thank you. There are all kinds of great colors out there, but when a red Royal QDL is $500 more than a beige QDL, beige looks pretty good to me.


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