Olympia Typewriters and Typefaces.

Olympia typewriters, which are more numerous in the United States than other German machines (due to their West German origin), offer a range of typefaces (i.e. fonts). I’ve had good fortune in finding machines in excellent shape. I lugged another SM5 back from Texas. The SM series is portable in terms of size, but carrying the SM5 along with my Hammond Multiplex has added a few more inches to my arms.

While boarding the jet, I ran into a couple who correctly guessed that I was carrying a typewriter. The husband mentioned that he had read an article in which Paul Auster lauded the benefits to writing on typewriters. The wife half jokingly asked if I were Paul Auster. I said no, but explained the value of writing on the machines. The husband replied that I should start a revolution. I said that one was already underway.

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  1. typehead says:

    Love my SM3, which is off getting a new platen. I find myself for the second time today, writing: Vive la Revolution! I must try the others you mention, if I ever get the opportunity. What’s so great about the SG1?

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    1. mcfeats says:

      The SG1 is a standard. Big beautiful work horse (40 lbs). Easy to maintain with some cool features like a lever to feed the paper with one pull. I am not a fast typer, but I can speed along on it. Bob Dylan had an SG1. That has to mean something.

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  2. Bill M says:

    I’ve got a few SM typewriters I really like, but generally I prefer to use other than Olympia typewriters. They are great to have in the collection.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      What’s your preferred machine for typing? One of these days I’d like to pick up an Erika 10.


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