Today’s Typewriter Haul: An Olympia SG1, an SC Skyriter, and an SC Silent.

I stopped by the antique mall on my way home from work today. I ran into Eric, from whom I’ve purchased a few typewriters at great prices. In fact, I bought my favorite machine, an Olympia SG1, from him. It was dirty and missing a tab key, but it’s in tip-top shape now and I acquired the missing part from a friend. Now, low and behold, he had another SG1. The cover is missing and it is pretty filthy, but I can salvage it. Hopefully my friend will come through again. I bought it for $20 and the mechanics are sluggish but fine.

He also had two Smith Coronas: a Skyriter and a Silent. Both have some cosmetic issues. I wanted the Skyriter right away. I need some smaller machines. It looks like it has a Polish keyboard. Picked it up for $35.

The Silent is an odd duck. It has two colors. Did it come that way or had another user/collector created a Frankenstein? I was not interested in the machine, but I dropped it. No one would have known, but fair is fair and Eric has done right by me. I took it at a loss for $40. Perhaps I can use it in a classroom.

To my mind, the SG1 is the real score. I did not want such a glorious machine tossed into the garbage just because it’s missing its hood.

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  1. Richard P says:

    Good save, I agree that an SG1 should not be tossed away for cosmetic reasons. I even think it looks better without the hood!

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    1. mcfeats says:

      It does look cool. I might be able to get the hood and, once cleaned up, find it a good owner. I feel a bit guilty having two of them (and space is limited).


  2. T. Munk says:

    the SCM looks like a repaint. certainly not factory. (:

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    1. mcfeats says:

      That makes sense. The label was covered on the back. Not a bad color, but this Silent has seen better days.


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