My First Hammond Typewriter.

I’m meeting a guy about a Hammond tomorrow. It would my biggest score yet, and my biggest purchase. It looks to be in great condition, although the cover is missing. It does have several papers with it. My fingers are crossed.

A 1931 Royal P Typewriter.

I picked up this 1931 portable Royal today. The platen is in fine shape. The paint is excellent. The rollers are in pretty good shape. Most of the mechanics are clean, but the escapement wheel won’t budge. I managed to move it with a screwdriver, so I think it’s simply a matter of cleaning it….

How to remove the body of an Olivetti Valentine.

During the course of our travels, a screw came loose in my girlfriend’s Valentine. The screw held the right side of the “fender” on. Opening up a Valentine takes some doing, in that the fender is in the way of the body clearing. Once the fender is removed, the front keys must be collectively lowered…

Taking stock of my typewriter spoils.

It’s been an eventful trip–mountains, rivers, wildlife, and typewriters. The Olivetti Studio 44 and the Royal Quiet Deluxe were waiting for me when I arrived in Texas (birthday presents from the best girlfriend one could have), and I picked up the Olympia SM5, Olivetti Lettera 32, and Triumph Tippa during my travels–the first two in…

Typewriters in Santa Fe.

The well is dry. Today, as my girlfriend looked at turquoise in the main square, I footed it through backstreets to find three antique shops. I found a fine Royal KMM, an Olivetti Studio 44, and a Thom Thumb toy. I also found a Hermès Baby and a Hermès 3000. The former was $350 and…

For days when no typewriter is available.

Some more goodies from Cottonwood, Colorado. The pen and pencil set were made by a local artist. Until I can strap a typewriter to my neck, I’ll have to go old school. The book in Harlem Renaissance poetry was a real find. Vacation will be over in about a week. It was a success.