Salvaged 1953 Smith Corona Super.

I posted about this machine the other day. I was not interested, but the price was $25 and I figured I could fix it up and sell it. The draw band simply needed to be replaced. Well, there was more to it. The spring coil drum was out of alignment in ways I could not fix. It was bent, or the screw axle was bent, or the coil was warped–or something! It wasn’t looking good. The worst part is that I had gotten rid of a junker Smith Corona at a nearby thrift store. Well, I figured they might still have it. I called them. They had it. They gave it back at no cost.

I replaced the spring coil assemblage and she’s good to go. It’s a handsome machine, as is its case. The type face, as John Cooper surmised, is No.77 Presidential Elite. I would not mind keeping it, but I want to make some space and cash.

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  1. John Cooper says:

    Congratulations! A great machine rescued!

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  2. T. Munk says:

    A Super – those are not super common. nicely fixed! (:

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