What to do with typewriter cases and crates.

Every collector has to figure out where to store his or her typewriter cases and crates. Space can be limited, and so most people end up storing the cases in a closet or basement. Cases, however, can be repurposed and preserved at the same time. Stack a few vintage cases in top of one another and you have a neat side table for your couch. Cases and old shipping crates can be repurposed as coffee tables. Two birds, one stone. The cases can always be used later for their original purpose. The photos here show a shipping crate for a Hermes Ambassador.

It’s a chess board. It’s a table for snacks and drinks. It’s a card table. Also, if you have to make a run for it when the hurricane-zombie-sharknado-stock-market-crash-apocalypse comes, the crate can be used for supplies and thrown into the back of your truck. You’ll be the envy of the roaming militias–hm, that might not be good. Oh, don’t forget to bring your typewriters, too. A writing machine doubles as a fortification. Two birds, one stone.

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  1. Brilliant. I’ll buy some camouflage paint tomorrow!

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  2. Michael Arau says:

    I’m going to build a bunker from them. Then I can hunker down inside and type away the years until the air clears.

    Great thoughts. Recycling/repurposing takes a new twist.

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