Panhandle Winter – a poem

This poem recollects one of my favorite memories: a day my girlfriend and I spent at Alligator Point just south of Tallahassee. It was winter. The air was cold and the evening was fast approaching. She was collecting shells on the beach as if discovering new planets. In proper Wordsworthian fashion, this poem was waiting. I typed this on my Underwood 6, which she bought me a year ago. It is the best of my old machines.

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  1. A magical moment, indeed, one deserving it’s own poem. All moments could seem magical, if we just happen to glance a certain way.

    Now I’m off to look up sodic…related to episodic?

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  2. sodic – containing sodium. A new one on me.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      One of the few words I purposefully memorized for writing poetry. Just like the sound of it.

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