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  1. Lots of intriguing images there for me to chew over.

    Certainly feels like autumn (Fall) here in Edinburgh. It’s my favourite time of year, when everything is gently falling asleep.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      It will be a while yet before any cool air shows up in Florida. I’ve been watching wintry movies to keep me going.

      All of my experiences in Europe were during the summer. I’d love to get over there on the off-season. Tourists simply can’t tolerate tourists.


      1. Then don’t come to Edinburgh again. These days it is tourist season all year long.

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      2. mcfeats says:

        I arrived in Glasgow by way of train once. I and my girlfriend, tired from travel, walked right up to the taxi. A burly fellow yelled, “Mind the f’n queue.” Realizing our faux pas, we apologized and got into line. He then apologized, saying that he had thought we were German. He waved from his backseat as he rode away. We could not get a room in he city that night. Apparently everything was booked for a Tina Turner concert.

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      3. Serves you right for going to Glasgow! 😉

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