1929 Remington Portable Gets the Job Done.

I’m typing out some notes for my Intro to Humanities course today. I decided to use my 1929 Remington Portable 3, which was my first prewar typewriter.

I picked up the machine in Bandera, Texas some years ago. I put a little work into it yesterday. I gave it a new ribbon, and I nearly switched out its rubber with my 1925 Remington Portable 1.

The Rem 3 has some flat rollers, although the machine still works. In fact, it produces a fairly clean page. I doubled up the paper in order to avoid cutting the ribbon and paper. The platen is hard. These are my “Irish” typewriters–the Rem 3 for obvious reasons. The Rem 1 was used by Brendan Behan. Here’s a fun photo of the man hard at work.

This week’s course material covers the Baroque period, to which I have an aversion (Bach aside). I tend towards more minimalist sensibilities. After all, a Remington gets the job done.

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  1. John Cooper says:

    I’m sure Brendan would approve!

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