My New Project: A 1958 Torpedo 30

I’ve managed to diversify my collection lately. Two machines are still in the mail, but today this Torpedo 30 arrived. It was manufactured in 1958, the first year of production for this model.

Overall, it seems to be in good condition. It needs some cleaning. The slugs are sluggish, but the carriage slides smoothly. The felt is in great shape. The case is very good, but needs some sewing in one part. My first mission is to massage the carriage-return lever upward. As you can see from the photos above, the lever is scraping against the lid. That undercarriage looks great.

The color of the body is interesting, appearing variously green, grey, or blue, depending on the lighting. Hopefully I’ll have this machine typing smoothly tonight.

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  1. Richard P says:

    There are cute. I have one with a Venezuelan keyboard, including the perennially useful Bs character.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      The contrast between the sturdy body and the light keys is interesting. This one needs some work, and I think I’ll have to double up the paper. The platen isn’t soft. I really like the shape of the machine.


    2. mcfeats says:

      By the way, does yours have a paper guide? Mine does not and I’m not sure whether that’s by design.


  2. Richard P says:

    Should be “These are cute”!


  3. Bill M says:

    Looks like a nice typewriter. I do not have one, but I’ve heard they are good typewriters.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I’m still working on the sluggish type bars, but I can tell already that is has light, quick action.


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