1958 Torpedo 30 all cleaned up and sitting pretty.

A snappy machine with a solid metal body and light, quick action.

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  1. Michael Arau says:

    This is very exciting. I saw your earlier post and was anxious to see the results. Very cool.

    So… questions…

    Do you do these restorations on instinct, or is there a reference you use. I would like to do some of my own work, but am in deep fear of having a table covered in parts at the end of the day. I will probably venture to Ted Munk’s site and pick up his manual on repair, but wanted your input too.

    Second: where do you find these beauties?

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I try to pick up machines that have minimal maintenance issues, which can be iffy shopping online. A lot of work has been trial and error. I’ve slowly gained some experience. Initially I greatly needed advice in FB’s typewriter repair group.

      The only machine I fully dismantled was a sacrificial machine. I used it to learn from, but I can’t reassemble it. I used it for parts.

      When I do dive deeper into a machine, I take photos of the area I’m about to disassemble before getting to work. I use a magnet in order to not lose screws. If I get too frustrated, I stop for the day. Good lighting is key!

      My machines come from everywhere—local, vacation, etc.—but the more exotic machines typically come from Ebay. I wait and wait for a good price. My greatest in-person find was my Hammond Multiplex. I fell into conversation with a guy at an antique mall in rural Texas. He said he had a machine at home. Sent me a photo later. I bought it from him at his private saloon full of antique rifles and rare whiskey. Luckily, we came to a deal without a shootout. I can’t recall if we discussed the OfferUp app, but it can be great if you live in a populated area.


  2. Bill M says:

    Congratulations on the nice work on the Torpedo

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