1937 Blue Bird All Fixed.

I cleaned up this beauty tonight. The space-bar was rubbing against the body, but that took some minor bending underneath the bar. Then, to my consternation, I noticed that the line-spacing mechanism was being moved by the carriage lever. It would slip into three-line spacing. I could not keep it in single- or double-spacing. I was worried I didn’t have the chops to fix this. What if a part was missing? After a while. I considered that the inside bump might not be close enough to the little circular indents that stop the mechanism. I gently applied some pressure with some pliers. I was right. Now the mechanism stays in the desired position. As always, I need to loosen up the slugs more. That requires a little work for a few days. I use alcohol and Q-Tips to loosen the slug joints. Finally, the platen is a little hard; but doubling up on paper solves the problem.

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  1. Richard P says:

    It’s interesting how these typewriters imported to the UK say “Foreign.” A sort of badge of shame.

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