That’s a Flipping Typewriter.

I am visiting family for the weekend. Just a two hour drive to the north of where I live. I took a look at the local typewriter offerings. Olympias seem to be raining from the sky. These are all machines I already own. The question is whether I want to flip them. I would have better luck selling them where I live, and I could make a couple of dollars.

The SM9 looks good, as does an SG1. Another SG1 looks like space wreckage. I also spotted an older Simplex. I don’t know what these toys are worth.

Finally, I spotted an ad to buy multiple Selectrics “anywhere in South Florida.”

I wonder what this person is doing with all of these selectric.

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  1. Bill M says:

    I bought a pristine SM9 this past summer with the intention of Ebay and a big profit. I received a bigger profit gifting it to my neighbor who is a disabled veteran that thought it would be nice to have a typewriter again. I later found out he has also authored a book.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      That must have been very rewarding. What did he write? I had to pass on these machines, in that it is only right that I take my old guitars and books out of my parents’ closets.

      I’ve sold machines for low prices when I found out the buyers wanted to write on them. That’s all any of us want: to find these typewriters good homes.


  2. Richard P says:

    That’s a mystery about the seeker of Selectrics. Odd. As for Simplexes, they’re worth very little unless you find a super-early one.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I passed on everything. I’m sure they’ll find good homes somewhere.


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