Repairs to a Swiss Patria Typewriter.

After a few weeks of travel from the Czech Republic to Florida, this Swiss Patria arrived at my doorstep. It has some issues I need to address. The carriage experiences the occasional hiccup, catching upon return. The paper does not catch in the platen unless the rollers are nudged closer. (Someone inserted some rubber wedges for this. I’d like to find a more reliable solution.) The spring coil needs to catch and the drawstring, of course, has to be connected. This is all worth it. The key action on this machine is fantastic. This could be a serious typer.

Now, why was the carriage catching? It looked pretty easy to remove the carriage on this machine. I figured the little rail wheels were not aligned right.

I also noticed a bend in the back rail, which was easy enough to fix.

I placed the wheel rods back on so that they mirrored one another. (The carriage wobbled a bit.)

Unfortunately, the hiccup was still there. I then realized the bell hammer mechanism was catching on the wheel rod’s gear. (I’m improvising some of my vocab here.)

I gently bent it back to create clearance. The bell still works fine (and it’s a nice bell).

Next came the problem with the paper not catching between the platen and the rollers.

Here are the rubber wedges a previous owner used. (They fell out the other day.)

That’s enough for tonight. The spring coil is for another day. The worn edges of the nugget indicate that someone has been here before. I guess I now know why I was able to save a few bucks on this machine.

Hopefully I’ll be typing on this machine in a few days.

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  1. Michael Arau says:

    That one should keep you busy for a while. Looks like you found a new long term project.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I wish I had another one for comparison. The carriage wiggles but slides fine. I don’t see anything missing. Definitely a project.


      1. Michael Arau says:

        Phoenix Typewriter did a YouTube video recently on carriage problems. Not your typer specifically, but there may be some clues there.


  2. Richard P says:

    This is some serious fix-iting you’re doing. It sure is satisfying when such problems can be cleared up. I hope you’ll succeed 100%.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I hope so, too. The spring coil will be a challenge. Not a lot of room to get in there.


  3. Bill M says:

    Appears you have a few challenges ahead. I believe you will succeed and have a fine working Patria.


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