More Misadventures with a Swiss Patria

The evening started out pretty good. After some labor, I was able to reattach the draw band on my Swiss Patria. I also covered the stripped roller on the paper bail with some fairly convincing electrical tape. So far, so good. Then I tried tighten the shift lock mechanism which wouldn’t hold. It broke clear off. Then I lubricated the right ribbon spool holder. It was dragging, which was affecting the shading of the letters on paper. (The ribbon was too tight.) That worked, but then a hinge that holds the ribbon vibrator dislodged. Now the ribbon vibrator won’t work. Just great. I wish I had a duplicate machine to guide me.

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  1. Bill M says:

    Not having another of the same typewriter does make repairs difficult at times. Having repair manuals helps too. Then there are times where one must go it alone. It may take a while looking at, and thinking about the work ahead. I’m sure you will succeed.

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  2. Richard P says:

    Oh shoot! I have one like this, so I can send photos if you want.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      If you have the time, that would be great! Because that join has become dislodged, the ribbon vibrator stays up and does not return down. It’s a funny looking joint, which leaves me unsure about where and how to reconnect it.

      Also, does your carriage jiggle a bit? My carriage clearly is set in the right position, and I don’t see any missing parts. It works fine. but there is a give to the carriage. If I were to push it back while typing, the letters would move on the page. That might be part of the construction. It is a barebones, lightweight machine.


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