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  1. Michael Arau says:

    Keep it natural. You’ll live longer. It’s good to get outside – soul cleansing.

    For your reading pleasure: https://www.outsideonline.com/1870381/take-two-hours-pine-forest-and-call-me-morning

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    1. mcfeats says:

      That’s why I try to take advantage of spring break. The heat is intolerable in the summer.


  2. John Cooper says:

    Nice shots. And such blue skies!

    If I am ever in Florida in the springtime, I hope you’ll be able to take me out to hear the alligators peep. Now that’s a sound I’d like to learn.


    1. mcfeats says:

      Done deal. The Everglades are great right now. In another month, it will be too hot. The snowbirds leave for a reason,

      I have a sign on my pond that reads, “Warning: Alligators in Lake.” I have yet to see or hear the evidence. Last year a couple of people were killed not too far from me. One tip: Don’t walk your Pomeranian next to water.


      1. John Cooper says:

        Now, how did you know I have a Pomeranian?

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      2. mcfeats says:

        You do? It’s one of the few small-dog names I can spell.


      3. John Cooper says:

        Yes–as of this moment, he’s rolling an empty paper towel tube down the stairs outside my office. I’m sure he’d be prime alligator bait.

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