Progress with the Blickensderfer 5


I’ve made some progress with my Blickensderfer 5. I dug into some screws and washers left over from a parts machine. Now the line-space advance lever works.

The next task is to get the wheel working. It does not always hit the page. Something gets in the way. That said, with some ink applied directly to the wheel, I got a good imprint.

The mechanics are pretty fascinating, reminding me a bit of a Hammond. In his case, the wheel turns to the proper letter while striking the page.

The tension for the ink roller needs to be tightened. (There are some helpful videos on YouTube). Finally, I ordered some shrink tube from Amazon today. This platen is horrendous! Fingers crossed.

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  1. Bill M says:

    Good progress on the Blick. I look forward to seeing a typecast from it — even if it is only one sentence long! A working Blick is a wonderful addition to your collection.

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  2. Blick No.06 says:

    Oh! Applying ink directly to the wheel! My ink roller is the texture of a hard crusty crouton, so I thought I wouldn’t get to test it out until I replaced that. Duh. What ink would you recommend with the Blick?

    How do you know if the tension needs to be tightened on the roller arm? Or maybe is there one video that was most helpful in this regard? Thank you!


    1. mcfeats says:

      Look up “Blickensderfer 5” on YouTube. One of the first few videos give good advice.

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