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  1. Bill M says:

    I’ve found the Rocket/Baby of every model to be a bit noisy. Sometimes replacing the small amount of sound deadening material in them (and adding more where possible) helps a bit, one of Richard P’s mats underneath, and recovered platens help. I use a rubber pad between the typewriter & Richard’s mat. The action on these is not quite as nice as the Skyriter. Skyriter is a bit larger and heavier though. I even like the same era Montana better. Still noisy though. I think it is the design of the mechanics.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Thanks for the tips. I do prefer the sound on the Skyriter, but I will say that, after a little practice, I was typing pretty quickly on the Rocket. My fingers felt scrunched at first, but then it took little to no effort to move from one key to the next—as if the fingers never left the keys. Time will tell. Ultras always will feel like compromises to me. I’d rather take some steroids and carry the SG1 around.


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