The Digital State Apparatus: Are You Woke?

Articles that examine how you are being watched and other issues:

Bluetooth surveillance as you shop:

Cyberwar between nations:

Deepfake Videos:

AI Surveillance:

Refined AI Mimicry of Human Language:

China Exporting the Surveillance State:

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  1. Bill M says:

    Being an electronics engineer I still do not know why everything, especially the power grid, needs controlled by a computers or microprocessors. The only thing computers and connectivity do is open everything to control by someone else. Why do you think all the vehicles are microprocessor controlled and many, if not all the new ones are connected wirelessly? So the government can shut them all down if needed; or hackers can disable your vehicle; or crooks can bypass security and steal them. The biggest joke is the IOT.

    Orwell was right. Steppenwolf too (Monster (1969))

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Beats me. Does it save on labor? I feel bad for all those truckers who are going to be out of jobs. We’re always talking about job creation. Why mess with jobs that already work?

      IOT iissss stupid. You know what I did yesterday? I got off my couch and changed the LP on my turntable. I used the knob on my oven. I shut the refrigerator door. I hand-washed dishes. What an inconvenience!


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