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  1. T. Munk says:

    Close – ABQ is Joe’s territory, and he comes to visit in Phoenix (Mesa, actually) on occasion, where I am. (:
    So, if you head to Mesa anytime Mon-Thurs, give us a day or so notice and we can at least get you a tour of the Typewriter shop and a fun lunch or dinner. 😀

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Classic dyslexia on my part. That would be fantastic. We’ll just be in CO this time around, but we sometimes go through Flagstaff and near Phoenix on these trips. I would love to see the shop in the near future.


  2. Bill M says:

    Too bad you missed the typewriter gathering in ABQ. The starry night made up for it. You are right about light pollution in Florida. I was surprised I could see the moon. Not too bad at the beach where one can look out over the ocean, at least in Flagler county where lights near the beach are not allowed due to the turtles. We used to sit for hours listening to the waves and watching meteors.

    Light pollution is a major problem all over most of the U.S. We need to worry about that as much as air pollution (which is now much much better than when I was a child (the old days)).

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