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  1. Bill M says:

    What!? You’re in Colorado and did not buy any of their green tobacco? I wouldn’t have either. It drives my sinuses crazy.

    That first photo is really beautiful. makes me miss the West.

    You know you are on an old West mining road when on the mountain you need to roll the diver side window down and put your head out the window to watch your front tire so you stay on the high side and they don’t find you and your vehicle several thousand feet down over the side. They have fun roads like that in Montana.

    Happy typing on the Aristocrat.

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  2. John Cooper says:

    The first photo in particular is breathtaking! Your post makes me want to explore that part of Colorado, which would be new to me. (I’m not a skier, and it hadn’t occurred to me before now that I’ve never been south of the I-70 corridor.) I understand that Hunter Thompson’s Owl Farm lodge in Woody Creek is now available via AirBnB.

    Oprah seems to have a house in every interesting place. When my wife and I were in St. Lucia a few years ago, the locals eagerly pointed out Oprah’s house above Marigot Bay. Then when we were in Maui, we learned that she had bought (and closed to the public) a very large swath of the island interior. Fortunately, she does not seem to have yet invested in Portland or South Florida.

    I’m not surprised that you enjoy the Arrow! One of my first typewriters was a very similar 1947 Quiet DeLuxe, and I liked (and like) it so much that I got a 1946 just like it. Your Arrow probably wasn’t manufactured during the second world war, since the US didn’t enter that war until December of 1941. I think Royal suspended typewriter production for the civilian market almost immediately. I’m not sure which American companies did continue to make non-military typewriters during the war.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Southwest Colorado is full of natural treasures. I guess you mean my new Aristocrat Royal? Yeah, I always measure WWII through European history. I still like to imagine it being used during that time. It’s a nice machine.


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