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  1. L.T. Hanlon says:

    Beautiful machine! What key is to the left of “2”?

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Margin release. Strange how they left it blank.


    2. mcfeats says:

      P.S. Nothing against your Hermes 3000. I love mine.


  2. Jamesr222 says:

    The Olivetti 44 is a nice hard working honset typewriter.

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  3. Bill M says:

    I agree. I’ll take a Studio 44 (and many others) over an over rated Hermes 3000 any day. I have 9 of them, and I still prefer others.

    The Studio 44 and either the Lettera 22 or Lettera 32 for travel make a really nice set. One for travel and one for home or office. I like the Lettera 22 and Lettera 32 since they are full featured small portables.

    Seems a Valentine would make the ideal travel typewriter. I need to one day add one to my collection.

    Something a Hermes Baby and Hermes 3000 combination does not have.

    Yea! Dorian is changing course! We hope. A hurricane along the coast can be wild also. During Matthew I had 80+ M/H winds at my house. Once those started my anemometer came loose from my tower. The wind never affected any antennas though.

    L.T., That is the Margin Release and a preset for paragraph indentation.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I really like my Hermes 3000, but, yes, they are absurdly priced. I was lucky. I bought mine for about $100 on ShopGoodWill. It was beyond filthy, which is why people probably stayed away from it. It cleaned up nicely, but the knobs broke (of course). Beyond the Tom Hanks/Sam Shepard factor, I think people like them for their computer-like keyboards (in terms of feel). They do type easily. Both the Studio 44 and the Hermes 3000 are among the quietist machines.

      Another potential hurricane is forming near Africa. I’ll keep my supplies ready for the season.


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