There’s a small, international army of typewriter users and collectors on this planet called Earth. Many share some core beliefs: 1) The typewriter inspires creative, deliberate, and thoughtful writing through its singular purpose; 2) Typewriters have no distracting social media apps. Writing, after all, is a solitary act; 3) Typewriters do not require batteries; 4) New technology is not bad, but it is inferior to the mighty typewriter; 5) If you do not think typewriters are cool, then that leaves more typewriters for the rest of us. Still, don’t knock it until you try it; and 6) If you feel the clacking call of the typewriter beneath the pale moon on a windy night, check out Richard Polt’s website: Typosphere

How old is your typewriter? Go here:

Hey, here’s a handy site for all things typewriter, including repair and maintenance advice:

Looky here, Richard Polt has more websites, including information on Cold Hard Type and Loose Dog Press:

Robert Messenger’s Wonderful World of Typewriters:

Munk is a guru on the subject of typewriter repair:

Bryan Kravitz’s famous Philly Typewriter shop: Philly Typewriter

California Typewriter Company (featured in the documentary):

Cambridge Typewriter in Boston:

Austin Typewriter, Ink: The Podcast:

You haven’t seen the award-winning documentary California Typewriter? It’s about the day Henry David Thoreau built a cyborg out of a typewriter to escape Twitter and emojis. Okay, not really, but here’s the trailer:

There are typewriter groups on Facebook, if you’re into that kind of thing–distractions, privacy infringements, ideological bubbles, and trolling trolls. Really, those typewriter groups were fun.