Typewriter Therapy

Over the last two days, I’ve been working on three typewriters: a 3-bank Underwood portable, a Corona 3, and a flat-top Standard Corona. Working on typewriters becomes a form of therapy. It involves patience and careful tinkering; it also is very relaxing. Teaching involves a lot of mental work. Working with my hands is a wonderful escape. Everybody needs a hobby. I also believe that good living means making full use of our human form: exercising different cognitive skills, being critical, being creative, trying new things, and testing the senses. If you have a white collar job, learn to make furniture. If you have a blue collar job, play chess. Everyone should read; everyone should exercise his or her physical being. This isn’t always easy—in fact, it’s damn hard—but it makes the brain and body happy. Be as many selves as possible.





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  1. Richard P says:

    I too find typewriter repair very relaxing (except when I simply can’t get something fixed … or lose a part … or make something worse …).

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  2. mcfeats says:

    Then there’s the screw that falls and disappears into the vortex with the missing socks. Richard, do you recover your own platens and feed rollers or send them out? If the latter, who do you use? JJ Short?


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