The Digital State Apparatus: Are You Woke?

Articles that examine how you are being watched and other issues: Bluetooth surveillance as you shop: Cyberwar between nations: Deepfake Videos: AI Surveillance: Refined AI Mimicry of Human Language: China Exporting the Surveillance State:

Some Publicity for Cold Hard Type.

Randee Dawn, entertainment reporter for publications like,, Variety, LA Times, and Emmy Magazine, interviews fantasy novelist Frederic Durbin about the new books, Paradigm Shifts: Typewritten Tales of Digital Collapse and Escapements: Typewritten Tales from Post-Digital Worlds. Interview with Frederic Durbin @randeedawn

Some brief thoughts on Cold Hard Type, Volumes I and II.

Well, now the two books, Paradigms Shifts: Typewritten Tales of the Digital Collapse and Escapements: Typewritten Tales from the Post-Digital World, have been released into the world. The initial call for submissions for the project, then conceived as one book, was November 7th of 2018. It took only seven months for vision to become a…