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  1. Good post. My handwriting has deteriorated over the years, to the point of illegibility, and computers leave me creatively cold. There is something about the physicality of analogue typing that makes your words more purposeful. Plus, I can look back at drafts, seeing how my ideas developed, and what got discarded – which might find life elsewhere. Is it, though, always an ethical thing? We like to mention great writers and their typewriters, but Hitler and his moronic thugs had them too, and were very purposeful in their choice of words. But I like your sentiment!

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Sure, like science, I suppose, being used for hateful and destructive purposes. I guess I’d like to think that the typewriter increases the likelihood for ethical thought specifically in our Twitter-infested world. Any thing that involves slower, sustained thought free from distraction has to be better than what we have now.


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