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  1. mcfeats says:

    *I meant idiomatic.


  2. cloudytype says:

    I was at an art gallery recently that had a sign outside warning that there were images of nudity within! I was so shocked! It’s so long since I was at art college, drawing naked bodies. Not at all what I want to see at my age, so I didn’t go in!

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I recall that Aranofsky’s film, Mother, upset a lot of people. They thought there should have been a warning that it wasn’t a sweet story about mothers—or, they could have looked it up.

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  3. Michael Arau says:

    Thanks you sir. I could not agree more. Sadly we live in a world of easily offended. I’m not so sure if they are thin skinned or if it is just en vogue to be so. I suppose the same goes with having triggers. Being one with many triggers (imposed by life and a solid series of government induced bad experiences), I live with them. I know what sets me off and have enough common sense to avoid something that may cause me discomfort. I don’t need a government warning label to protect me. Heck! Sometimes I just step on the trigger intentionally. It serves to build character (I am one) and thicken my hide as well. Perhaps I’m trigger happy.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your rant, swearing and all. Please continue to swear away. Or, per the vernacular, whatever trips your trigger.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Michael, you are very punny.

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