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  1. mcfeats says:

    Story ideas: Eventually he ought to see another typewriter in town—simply in passing. After the excerpts of her writing that he reads over the winter, he feels compelled to write and post letters—but to where? He leaves them on doors. He leaves them in trees.

    Later, when he sees her in the hammock at the blue house, she is reading one of them—on a page with a unique color, making its origin obvious. Fin.


  2. mcfeats says:

    Somewhere in story add more thoughts about post-digital conditions.


  3. mcfeats says:

    Revision: Story possibly ends with her new writing with different typeface.


  4. Bill M says:

    Post digital : When even the most brilliant scientist or engineer has no inking that the real world is analog and can’t do a thing since all PCs and digital devices died.

    The typeface must be Hermes Epoca or Fractur.

    The farther along the more interesting your story is becoming. An entry to Cold Hard Type?

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Thank you. Yes. It’s for Cold Hard Type. The trick for me is to capture the post-digital without getting into the details of how the crisis unfolded. I’m not even sure why the town is empty. I thought staying vague would create more flexibility for where it might fit in the collection, but I do think I should add some details about the now useless digital tech. Ah. You gave me an idea. He could repurpose dead tablets for something else!

      I’m hoping that my girlfriend, who will be here in a couple of weeks, will write the female character’s words.


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