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  1. Michael Arau says:

    I can certainly empathize. I just submitted mine today too. Writing is hard. It’s is fun and takes a lot out of a body. I’d equate it with marathon training.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I’m looking forward to reading it. Each submission has taken its own spin on the post-digital world. This hopefully is an indication that humanity could adapt to such a crisis!


  2. Patrick says:

    First suggestion of what to do, next, is to write another one. I went into this project with three ideas. There’s even a possibility that I may start working on one of them, soon. (I once typed a 33-page mystery in less than twenty-four hours, because I’m one of those kinds of people.)

    Meanwhile, my wife rattled off five pages while binge-watching Downton Abbey, yesterday.


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