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  1. John Cooper says:

    I’m a bit in the dark about the identity of “the disk.” At first I thought it was a coin-operated typewriter, but then there’s that bit about coming up six, and besides, it’s her own typewriter. Ideas?


  2. mcfeats says:

    There are two other unrelated scenes that mention typewriters. His descriptions are sparse in each case. Joyce didn’t take to typewriters.

    I don’t know whether his vocabulary is generalized and vague, which would be odd for Joyce, or his jargon is specific to Ireland in the early twentieth century.

    I guess this would be an Underwood or Remington. Now that I look at the scene again, I wonder if the disk and groove are from something else. Miss Dunne is reading calculations from one machine and then typing them out on the typewriter? I think she is doing some accounting for her boss, Blazes Boylan (Bloom’s nemesis).

    Earlier in the novel, Mr. Deasy, Stephen’s boss, is typing up an editorial on cattle management. Stephen has to put up with Deasy’s pompous ramblings while waiting for his pay. I think Joyce saw typewriters strictly as business machines.


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