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  1. Bill M says:

    The simple functional case for the Valentine makes it a preferred travel typewriter to me as compared to a Lettera 22 or 32 with their zipper cases. I do not have a Valentine. I do like to use them whenever someone brings one to a type-in. I find them very nice to use.

    My preferred travel typewriter is usually one of my Skyriters, but I recently repaired a Brother Charger 11 & a Valiant. I may take one of those on my next trip. The touch on the Valiant is nicer than the Charger, but the Valiant has a zipper case so it most likely will stay home.

    I also like my 1966 Hremes Rocket (Baby) for travel too.

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    1. Michael Arau says:

      I would be so happy to have a portable Olivetti. I have read the reports of the dread zippered cases and how they break. I would probably ditch the case and find something else to tote my prize around in.

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      1. mcfeats says:

        I really like my Lettera 22. The Olivetti key action is spongy, but a lot of people like that. I’m simply used to Olympias.


    2. mcfeats says:

      I’d love to have a Hermes or Kolibri here, but something about the Valentine case makes it perfect for typing for RV travel. I have a Brother 220 back in Florida, but I don’t think it is the greatest specimen.


  2. Michael Arau says:

    I’ve had a gnawing craving to get a Lettera 32. I like ultra portables and want more in my collection. The Valentine intrigues me, but I’m not sure on it’s aesthetics. It’s more utilitarian than pretty. On the other hand, it’s red and that’s just cool. It reminds me of a sharps container. 🙂

    How would you compare it to a Lettera?

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    1. mcfeats says:

      For extended typing, I would use a Lettera; the Valentine is great for my specific needs. I type on the road—literally—and it fits well on the lap. The case makes for easy access. The price on the Valentine is absurd, but that’s the market for you. I like it very much, and I bought it for $60 or $65. Paying a few hundred for it? Nope.


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