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  1. Richard P says:

    Nice haul. And what a wild pipe!

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  2. John Cooper says:

    Welcome back! Here’s a tip: you don’t have to listen to Van Halen slowly, to savor it with a pipe and a glass of wine. In fact, I think the band would be astounded at such behavior.

    Just teasing. Congratulations on your jazz haul! (Horace Silver for the win.)

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Ha. I think Eddie is moving slower these days. Regarding Silver, I picked up Blue Note’s four CD Retrospective for ONE buck. I can’t believe it. I’ve been listening to it all night. Out of this world.

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  3. Bill M says:

    Congratulations on your music haul. If we could only go back to high school & college days when we could spend an entire day doing nothing by laying back relaxing and listening to music.
    That is quite a pipe. Must be a pleasure to be able to enjoy smoking some good tobacco rather than smoking matches with continuous relights.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      In grad school I would host music nights on Fridays. Each person would bring music and we would feed off of each other’s enthusiasm. I’ve never been to a type-in, but I imagine that they are like that: nerdful bliss.


  4. Michael Arau says:

    Quite the haul. Did you got vacation or a treasure hunt>

    Even though I gave it up years ago, I am always a fan of a well crafted pipe. I kept my Danish from back in the day. They were all the rage back in the 70’s. Too bad I can’t insert an image in this reply. Or can I…? Does WP accept HTML code in this space?

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Hm. I don’t know. Try?

      As you might imagine, my pipe tobacco smoke received some curious reactions in Colorado.


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