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  1. Michael Arau says:

    I am amused at the shenanigans of the ill prepared at the cusp of a storm. How long has this threat been lurking? I haven’t weathered a wind storm in a number of decades, but I seem to remember keeping supplies and emergency rations in the larder for such emergencies.

    Here in the PacNW we suffer the same madness when snow threatens to blanket our lands. The citizens have lost limbs reaching for the last pack of Twinkies in hopes of feeding their children.

    …but, I jest… Pardon my aged jaded cynacism. These evens are an annual certainty. Sometimes they are horrible and devastating and sometimes the population gets faked out wicked. Meanwhile logic dictates that a ready supply of hatch battening materials and a store of Costco sardines, crackers and water be in the cellars. Hit up the music and office supply stores for strings, reeds and ample paper and ribbons. Put some kerosene in the lamps and get close with friends and family.

    The party is about to start.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Well, I think part of the issue is that foods eventually expire. I ate my last stash of supplies; but, yes, you should restock for storms on a regular basis. What I don’t understand is that people don’t retain empty containers for water. Instead they buy new materials. That’s a lot of plastic and senseless buying.


      1. Michael Arau says:

        It is wasteful, especially when you consider it’s just tap water in a bottle.

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