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  1. Bill M says:

    Beautiful Techno typeface from a beautiful H3k. I’ve got one just like that.

    Hurricanes. I don’t miss them. I miss them. I rode all of them out with emergency services when I lived in FL (much to the chagrin of Mrs. M)

    The damage in the Bahamas is surreal. Only the one hurricane, I think it was in 1935, was as big. Many people do not realize one cannot just evacuate an island. Perhaps the wealthy had access to aircraft and boats, but the majority of the rest of the population did not. Even in the USA not all have ready access to mass evacuations. Even here our structures most likely will not survive 200+ M/H winds and several feet (10 or more feet) of water. I’m glad most of the world is not as brash as that one commenter.

    Good that you missed the storm & most of FL was spared a direct hit. glancing the coast can be bad enough.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Florida offers a unique dilemma. There are only so many directions for evacuation. Moreover, a misjudged evacuation can send you right into the path of the hurricane.

      Are you one of the lucky few to have knobs on your 3000? What an odd flaw for such a perfectly designed typing machine.


  2. Bill M says:

    There were several times I met people from the Gulf coast who came to Palm Coast to escape hurricanes only to have the same one travel across the state and meet them in Daytona Beach, or Palm Coast, or St. Augustine or…

    Yes. Most of my green square body H3k machines have the knobs, and all of the white key and knob ones have intact factory knobs. I have several with at least one or both replacement knobs. No one knows how long any of the factory knobs will last.

    The round body ones did not seem to have the knob failures.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I think I prefer the look of the round-body 3000s, but I don’t see myself picking up one at the going price.

      Not having the knobs used to bother me, but the inconvenience is minimal.


  3. Bill M says:

    I hadn’t noticed yours is missing the knobs.

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