How to fix an Olympia Socialite. Two issues: misaligned caps keys/levers and disintegrated sound padding.

This is the second typewriter I recently acquired that had misaligned caps keys/levers. This is not related to the adjustment screws that align lower and upper case. This is a situation in which one caps key fully raises the carriage while the other caps key fails to do so.

Before I could address the issue, I had to remove the body in order to access the right caps lever.

All fixed.

After I removed the body, I found the sound padding foam disintegrated.

I’ve had some practice with this issue. I use yoga mats as material for new padding. I noticed that the bottom of the machine never had solid padding.

The cover, on the other hand, is too close to the ribbon spools. I realized that I could not add padding there.

It was time to get started. I use a simple spray glue and cut the padding to match the body.

Now the machine makes a quiet thud rather than a tinny sound when it types. Much better for a typewriter one might use in public or during travel.

Time to do some typing.

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  1. Bill M says:

    Congratulations on the repairs. The yoga mat looks quite nice. I ran into no clearance on ribbon covers on several typewriter.

    I tape off the covers and spray the underside with automotive sound deadening from Parts Express: Cascade VB-1S PRO Quiet Kote Acoustic Damping Spray Part # 268-250 or if I’m in a jam undercoat from the local auto parts store. Parts express also sells thin acoustical material, but I never used it.

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  2. mcfeats says:

    That’s great. Thanks for the tip!


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