What would a 4×7 text look like on a 6×9 page in Cold Hard Type?

Tonight I tinkered with reformatting a page of my ms for specifications for Cold Hard Type. I haven’t shared this with Richard Polt and Fred Durbin yet, so don’t take this as official. However, this is what a reformatted page might look like with International Elite 8 typeface (which is my typeface but not necessarily someone else’s). My initial draft was on an 8×11 page. Less than half of that writing fits on a page for Cold Hard Type.

This reformatting will take a little time. (Remember that this is not necessary for initial submission to Cold Hard Type.

Averaging 336 words (8 word average per 42 lines) with International Elite 8 typeface on a 6×9 page with one-inch margins is about the same word-count as a double-spaced Times New Roman pt. 12 8×11 page with one-inch margins—at least as I figure it.

A 5,000 word submission (the max) would come to about fifteen pages! 

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  1. Michael Arau says:

    I wish I had you in my back pocket to help with edits. 🙂 My draft is still in it’s earliest stages and will need scissors and stapler before it reaches any readable state. It’s little schizophrenic right now – scattered.

    I’m writing in third person with dialogue. In my head it seems okay, but on paper it’s not quite ready for prime time.

    Off to the library to read some Hemingway.

    I only have two elite machines. One is in italics so that would be inappropriate. The other is an old machine. Too lazy to do the physical work of typing on that, though it would look good. I’ll probably go with pica as it is easier to read, for me at least.

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