George Washington’s Typewriter: The Revolution will be typed.

Side note: Pulitzer Prize-winning author, David McCullough, who has typed many books about American history, recently appeared on television to comment on the passing of George Bush Sr. As he spoke from his office, I noticed his Royal KMM positioned proudly on his desk–clearly making itself known to the camera, having already starred in California Typewriter.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I am unsure whether to laugh or to just keep beating my head against a wall until it stops hurting. I am sure that the myriad of teachers and librarians among us experience this same agony. We like to say, “verify your sources before submitting your work,” but the press doesn’t have to, and the buffoon in the oral orifice never does. Hard to convey the value of scholarly and peer reviewed resources when everything is assumed to be “fake news.”

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I wondered where the seller might have come up with the idea. Apparently, George Washington Carver used some typewriters. Also, George Washington Newton Yost invented the Yost typewriter. That took me seconds to discover online. The problem is that we have this wonderful thing called the Internet that no one seems to know how to use.


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