Typing a Clean Copy for Cold Hard Type

It is no easy thing to type a clean copy of a manuscript. I tinkered with formatting today. Using and adjusting Richard Polt’s template helped. I reformatted my digital document accordingly. Then comes setting the margins for the material page in the typewriter. Once the typing begins, it’s easy to make a mistake. The phone rings. You lose your concentration for a moment. You begin to type too quickly. This is definitely doable, but it will take time and care. I found it necessary to change my line-spacing on the computer to 1.15. Using Courier 11, I was able to approximate the spacing of my Olympia’s typeface. Using the doc as my source, I transcribe to the typewriter.

I’ll make a fresh attempt tomorrow.

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  1. Bill M says:

    Those are some nice notes. I’ve never written anything but technical manuals, new copy, and a few other minor items. I never had to really format anything as long as it fit the page. Probably the most formatting was for news and advertising copy when I worked in radio; all sans serif, all upper case, all double spaced, and a few other niceties for easy reading.

    I am awaiting the release of Cold Hard Type.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      This is going to be a matter of trial and error for everyone—all of these different typefaces. Some submitters wrote about how to type and disseminate news in a post-digital era. I feel like we’re learning how.


  2. Bill M says:

    oops, news copy and advertising copy.


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