There Is Only One Issue Today: The Environment


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  1. Michael Arau says:

    You can find and buy paper made from recycled materials but, as you noted, that takes energy too. On the other hand, a tree didn’t have to die to manufacture it. In my case, I have taken to repurposing existing paper. I grab those sheets that come off the printer that are relegated to the recycle bin/shredder bin/another word for trash can and reuse them. I write letters on the good side. I even make envelopes to mail my letters from the cover sheets that don’t have sensitive material printed on them. It’s a bit nerdy, but it works. Use the funny pages to wrap gifts and repurpose paper bags for wrapping packages or covering books.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      I’m going to put more effort into this. I don’t have a lot of mail, but I wand to nudge my colleagues into saving used paper for me rather than throwing it away.


  2. Bill M says:

    I’ve been anti- all this plastic stuff for years. How do we rid our society of plastic crap!? Do all countries pack something in a wrapper and then place it in blister pack plastic and then a plastic bag?

    As far as paper, I seldom throw any of it in the trash. I use the backs of junk mail envelopes for note pads, the back side of un needed printed printer paper, unprinted side of paper for notes and all kind of things. If I get too much it is used for kindling during the winter to start my fireplace. OK, I add to carbon, but not as much as all the trucks (unneeded since we have railroads) on the road, and all the jets in the air. OK, I’ll stop before I get into a very long epistle on pollution.

    Many of the stores here use paper bags. I not only reuse the bags, I make book covers out of them.

    Did you ever try to buy Florida grown fruit & vegetables in Florida? At least when and where I lived in FL all but some oranges and ugly tomatoes were shipped from CA and many other places.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Florida is not at the vanguard of the eco economy. We always have to fight to save the Everglades. The other issue here is invasive species, which threaten the survival of indigenous species. Speaking of which, humans need slow down their baby manufacturing. Selfish mofos!


  3. Richard P says:

    I agree, this is issue #1. Far more important, in the big picture, than any other social or political question. The real solution, if there is one, will take large systemic change, but at least we can do our part. I get wind electricity, or wind equivalent (if mine is generated by coal, I am still paying for wind power elsewhere). I drive a hybrid. It’s a start.

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    1. mcfeats says:

      Yes. It should be front-page news every day!


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